Wollongong Dual Occupancy

Sky Developments
Wollongong City

Design brief

Through the use of clever design, we were able to maximise the development potential of this steep site. Located in Wollongong on the NSW South Coast, this Dual Occupancy adopts a bold front facade that achieves harmony in concept whilst allowing an individualised streetscape presentation and entry to each dwelling.

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Design Statement

A dual occupancy / duplex development, with a concentration on natural light and open spaces

Bold front facades allow an individualised streetscape presentation

The design responds to the extremely steep block

 interaction of internal spaces with the courtyards

A new double storey side-by-side dual occupancy residence that boasts a well-articulated building composition and elegant proportions. North facing balconies and large glazing offers picture-framed views of the district beyond.

The site presented a number of challenges during the design process including the extremely steep block. The site had a fall of approximately 12 meters from back to front. The design of the driveway and garage were governed by Australian Standards that dictate the maximum slope of the driveway. This effectively gave us a datum to work to and from here the dwellings are terraced up the site to reduced excessive excavation.

By playing with voids and light wells, we were able to flood natural light through the very narrow and long floor plan creating a series of well-proportioned spaces.

A well-balanced material and colour palate compliment the expansive windows that allow the continuous interaction of internal spaces with the courtyards that surround the building. Such is a design that respects its surroundings and exudes contemporary architecture whilst bringing in a sense of warmth and elegance to each home.


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