Terrigal Luxury Dual Occupancy

Private Developer
Gosford City

Design brief

Sometimes, projects just don’t get built.  For a multitude of reasons. This is one that never made it to site.

The design brief was to provide a dual occupancy that takes advantage views, its proximity to Terrigal CBD whilst contributing towards increasing the housing stock within Terrigal.

Luxury Dual Occupancy Terrigal Central Coast Building Designer brick timber cladding cottage gable roof

Design Statement

A unique Dual Occupancy development in the Heart of Terrgial

The development aims to also present a strong and attractive interface that will address the site’s street frontage. Additionally setting the tone and scale for comparable future development within the area.


 With inspiration taken from the Utilitarian & Industrial movements, these dual dwellings have been designed to be reminiscent of the old fishing shacks and boat sheds that once lined the street. The design being of a smaller scale to adjacent properties allowed uninterrupted views of the ocean, maintaining the seaside character.

Boasting dual street frontages, large open plan living areas and internal light wells to allow the dwelling to well ventilated and light-filled. This unique Dual Occupancy development in the Heart of Terrigal would have been one that stood out from the rest.

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