Newport House

Private Residence

Design brief

Eight Six Design was commissioned to design and document a major renovation to the existing shack after being recommended to the client by a local builder. The clients had lived in the house for a 15years, falling in love with the location and outlook.  Quickly outgrowing the family home they needed a design solution that met their needs whilst enhancing any views and capturing cooling breezes.

Newport House 3D render concept sketch drawing sandstone weatherboard cladding steep site two storey black white pool infinity edge

Design Statement

Situated on a steep east facing block and combined with landslip, bushfire and access hazards, this project threw down all the challenges!

The steep, East facing block captures views to the south-East overlooking Newport Beach, Bilgola Headland and beyond. Our concept proposed a stepped two storey residence consisting of four bedrooms, open plan kitchen, dining & living areas, a new pool integrated into the overall design of the stepped façade and a sandstone clad double garage to be partially excavated into the side of the hill.

The site is also identified as sitting in Bushfire Prone and Geotechnical Hazard areas. Specialist consultants were engaged for these areas along with a Civil engineer for the new sloping and curve driveway and a Hydraulic engineer for the storm-water design.

During the DA notification period, objections were received regarding the height and view loss. Height poles needed to be erected to identify the extent and height of the proposed dwelling. Once erected most privacy and shadowing issues were resolved with the concerned neighbour. The DA was granted in October 2015.  The CC was granted in July 2016 with construction starting on-site soon after.


  • Steeply sloping block
  • The height of the garage and driveway levels
  • Set backs and maximum height restrictions
  • Simplistic access to the residence
  • Privacy & location of neighbours
  • View sharing & the sites own ability to capture views from living areas 


  • Stepped floorplate and facade reduces height and bulk of the dwelling whilst adding articulation and character to the design.
  • Integrate the landscape, planter-boxes and pool into the overall design
  • Large entertaining spaces taking advantages of views

Stage 1: Main Dwelling – Completed end 2017

Stage 2 – Pool and Garage excavation – Due to commence mid 2018

Builder: Building & Development Australia

Structural: Tihanyi Consulting Engineers

Civil & Hydraulic: Taylors Consulting Engineers

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