Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code


A few months ago the NSW government announced huge changes to the housing code. 

Aimed at improving housing affordability and providing more housing choice to meet a diversity of needs, the new Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code will see medium-density housing approved under a “complying development” process. Medium-density housing types include Dual Occupancies and Terrace houses can be approved as complying developments in as little as 20 days, skipping the development application process

Low-rise, medium density housing is the missing part of the NSW housing stock between traditional free-standing homes and strata-titled apartments.


What qualifies a property for redevelopment into a dual occupancy?

The new code applies to R1, R2, R3 and RU5 zones across NSW, but most lots in Sydney fall into these zones. Designs must also meet the relevant design criteria in the Medium Density Design Guide

  • Dual occupancies can now be approved as a complying development providing they meet certain standards.
  • Blocks must be at least 400 square metres, or the minimum lot size according to the council, whichever is greater.
  • Blocks must be at least 12 metres wide. For dual occupancies where one dwelling is located above another, the block must be at least 15 metres wide.
  • Buildings must have a minimum side setback of 0.9 metres. Greater setbacks apply for blocks wider than 24 metres.
  • Each dwelling must;
    • Be at least five metres wide and can’t be more than 8.5 metres high.
    •  Face a public road, and can’t be located behind another dwelling except on a corner lot
    • Have at least one off-street parking spot.
  • Dual occupancies must be a permitted land use under the council’s Local Environmental Plan.

You can download and read the design guideline here.

The new medium-density housing code will come into force in just one month,  6 July 2018. As accredited Building Designers, Eight Six Design can help design and document new dual occupancies that will meet the CDC requirements.

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